Day 10 – The Brain Melter

Weight: 238.1Lbs

BP: 135/85

HR: 64

Today was a killer at the office. I love my job a ton as a matter of fact I should break down in writing why it is I’m stoked on the work I do. 26230360_10213465496806329_2633882268591383238_nIn short, I’m a puzzle solver. Some of my favorite memories of family gatherings growing up were putting together puzzles, the more pieces the better. Working in my role as an office engineer my job involves running into some drawing issue or dimensional conflict or finding the missing penny in a sea of poorly written numbers. Every task that I’m knocking out is indeed a big knot that just needs to be untied. The best part is that once you solve one puzzle the next puzzle pops up. This is instant gratification. No matter how much somebody loves their job there are still days that are killers. Today the problems were many and the spacing between was too slim for me to catch up. By the end of the day I was pretty positive my brain had melted away, it was a miracle I could see straight. I’m stoked to get at it again tomorrow. Now this incredibly stressful day coincides with the first day of under a pound lost. I wanna say I’ve heard that stress can hinder or even stop weight loss, or my fat ass is just going heavy on cream and cheese.

Outside of the stress of today I want to make an update on my mental status as a whole. I’m feeling better about shit, I’d like to think I’ve been a more positive force as of late here at work. Also, it seems like I’m clicking into a groove and getting back a confidence I haven’t had for years in my decisions. Wouldn’t you know that right when I’m feeling like king shit I waltz into a kitchen full of diet killers. Exhibit A:26219769_10213465497766353_7210097069415445705_n

Carb heaven living on the counter at work staring me in the flippin face. Luckily, your boy got the will power of Napoleon and I just told all that food to pack sand. Breakfast: Couple of eggs and lots of coffee. Lunch: About a pound of sexy ass tri tip mooing at me like a good little cow. Dinner: Buffalo chicken bowl made with cream cheese and margerine. I didn’t know it was margarine because I don’t look enough at what I’m grabbing from the fridge. I heard the other day that margarine is a half step from plastic, that shit’s gross. I will put exactly zero margarine inside me from here forward. #garbage.

Lastly, I did a little digging yesterday on a little pirate disease called scurvy. The first thing I heard when I said I was only going to eat meat, eggs, dairy was aren’t you going to die of scurvy. No. Scurvy occurs traditionally in people who have a vitamin C deficiency. The symptoms can include losing your teeth, bleeding sores, and the best of all death. The answer lives with glucose and insulin yet again. Vitamin C is traveling along the same pathways that glucose is where it’s doing it’s best to get absorbed into the body, the problem is that glucose is much more desirable for the body to pick up. This relationship means that the less glucose in the system, the more the body can absorb the vitamin c available. There is also reading to be done on the purpose of Vitamin C within the body is transferring over hydroxl groups. Meat contains these hydroxl groups in a good amount, good enough to offset the need for vitamin c in your body. I’m one hundred thousand percent sure I’m not doing this topic justice, you should start here on your reading.

Bon Appemeat,


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